Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Through The Looking Glass

I initially decided on 3 lenses with 2 more to come sometime afterwards.

smc PENTAX DA 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 AL WR
Filter Size = 52mm
Weight = 255g (With Lens Hood)
35mm Equiv Focal Length = 27mm-84.5mm
Minimum Focus Distance = 9.84 inches(0.25m)

The included kit lens is a wider more limited zoom than I'm used to however I've grown to like it's abilities, it's light, cheap and has decent IQ while also being WR as well and the great surprise is the really good minimum focusing distance. I will tend to use it for night time, architecture and landscape shots.

smc PENTAX D FA 100mm F2.8 Macro WR
Filter Size = 49mm
Weight = 360g (With Lens Hood)
35mm Equiv Focal Length = 153mm
Minimum Focus Distance = 0.99' (0.303m)

This is my first purchased lens and it gives me the ability to do some 1:1 Macro photography, something i couldn't do well with the FZ30. It's a small very well constructed WR lens with some impressive IQ as well. Fast 2.8 means great shallow DOF and lots of light and generally a firm hand and accurate manual focus is needed for the best of shots.

smc PENTAX A-50mm f/1.2
Filter Size = 52mm
Weight = 375g (With Lens Hood)
35mm Equiv Focal Length = 85mm
Minimum Focus Distance = ?

One of the most esteemed Pentax lens, the A-50mm f/1.2 is a fast prime with high quality metal construction, the 'A' model was discontinued from manufacture in 2006, and was still available in small numbers from Japan until early 2009.

It's fairly rare and quite expensive, and doesn't have any Autofocus, but it's still quite revered and sought after and well loved by Pentax prime enthusiasts. I myself have a love for the silver FA43 still, but this lens allows for some creative choices as the f/1.2 difference is significant.

smc PENTAX FA 77mm F1.8 Limited.
Filter Size = 49mm
Weight = 9.5 o.z
35mm Equiv Focal Length = 115.5mm
Minimum Focus Distance = 2.3 feet

This is considered one of the nicest portrait primes currently made by Pentax, I do myself think this makes the perfect portrait lens focal length wise, add to that it's unique color and character it's warmth and it's true revered primes in the Pentax range. Also features manual aperture ring and a high quality metal construction, it's delicate small and focus's fast (despite the reviews).

Sigma (Bigma) 50-500mm F4.5-6.3 APO DG OS HSM
Filter Size = 95mm (86mm with included step down ring)
Weight = 1970g
35mm Equiv Focal Length = 75-750mm (10x)
Minimum Focus Distance = 50cm @ 50mm-180cm@500mm

One of the main reasons for going Pentax was the the problem with decent length zooms the price on Canon or Nikon to get more reach of better image quality takes far too much money, so it seemed that i would go for Bigma regardless of which mount i would of chosen. The Canon 100-400l is similarly priced, but a little old. The extra reach i decided over the L of the Canon.

The lens has it's own drive motor HSM and has better optical image stabilisation than the inbuilt Pentax body SR. The lens is heavy and large and should be tripod mounted, but generally won't be with me. Well respected for Bird and Wildlife photography. I have yet to order or recieve this lens.

So those are my 5 chosen Pentax Lenses, I will see how they go before committing to any others.

To protect and serve, ND Filters, CPL and UV Filters:
I purchased some cheap DX no-name filters to eventually compare to Hoya filters, i would still like to add a few more and a ND4 filter.

49mm Premium UV Filter:

Massa 52mm Circular Polarizing Filter (CPL)

Massa 58mm UV Filter:

I think generally the UV Filters did help with unwanted reflections, but are really just a way to keep the lens protected and clean. The CPL filters have more of an impact and a desired affect in the right circumstances. Obviously plenty of Photos to come.

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