Monday, June 21, 2010

With a Backpack on my Back!

Before i got too carried away with the new Camera, I figured it would be equally important to get the required accessories for my rejuvenated hobby.

Kata Bumblebee PL-220:
The first of such accessories is of course the Camera Bag, and with that in mind i looked at the various models on offer and the choice came down to the Australian made Crumpler range, or the Russian Military grade Kata Bags. In the end it was hard to separate them for various reasons and features. The Kata PL-220 was chosen for it's size and feature set, with enough room for future lenses. I also plan on adding the smaller Crumpler Karachi for day trips.

Sandisk 16Gb Extreme III Class 10 SDHC Card.
The Sandisk cards are well known for their great performance and high price, the question of whether i needed an 8Gb Extreme II or 16Gb Extreme III. Really the Extreme II would of been fine for most shooting, only HD Video and perhaps continuous 5.2fps would of affected the slower card. I can shoot around 650 RAW images or over 11oo Jpegs on the Extreme III.

Pentax K7 BG-4 Battery Grip.

Pentax K7 D-Li90 Battery.

Cleaning Materials:
The need to keep all of the lenses, filters and sensors clean see's the need for a few cleaning supplies. Various cloths and microfiber items, as well as a AirBlowers and a LensPen was ordered from DX.

An added extra in the cleaning arsenal, This LensPen is well constructed and useful for when the AirBlower is not as effective, the LensPen retracts a oil free dusting tip that removes marks and dust.

The large AirBlower is really excellent for getting dust off the Camera, OVF, or Sensor, and am quite surprised at how useful it really is.

These soft cloths come in a 6 pack and offer a nice clean residue free cloth, which is soft enough to use on most items, screens and lenses, they do not clean as well as the MF cloths, but are less prone to leave scratches.

Microfiber Cloth
Very effective 3M Microfiber cloths are truly excellent for cleaning just about any computer or electrical item, screen, lens or anything else, they are a little more expensive and harsher than the soft cloths above.

Remote Controls:
The need to control the Camera remotely, or wirelessly for various types of photographic situations is needed. The Pentax Camera's are compatible with Canon when it comes to accessories like Remote Controls: I purchased 3 remotes from DX for the Pentax K7.

The Universal Infra-Red Remote:
Universal Inra-Red Remote, is slim small and easy to carry in a side pocket, it uses the CRV2383 Battery and allows for focus after shutter, fairly basic and cheap but it works for it's purpose.

Yung Nuo RF Wireless Radio Remote:

Yong Nuo Cabled Timer Remote:
This little timer switch unfortunately does not have a hotshoe adaptor, which means it hangs down from the Camera, rather than mounts it, it also does not provide a memory or interval timing.

Joby Gorrilapod Mini Tripod:

Velbon Extendable Tripod:

Macro Extension Tubes

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